"Take Your Medicine!"-Nick Scobbo Presents at the Northeast Public Power Association's Annual Meeting

“Take your medicine!” When a doctor prescribes medication, the patient  takes it.  Why?   The patient relies on the doctor’s expertise in medical issues.

Why is it different for attorneys?  Unlike when dealing with a doctor, attorneys deal with everyday issues and situations.  People think they understand the issues in a contract because they think they understand the words used. Consequently, they either don’t ask an attorney for advice early in the process or, if the advice is given, they don’t always take it.

This was the theme of Nick Scobbo’s August 22 presentation at the Northeast Public Power Association’s (“NEPPA”) Annual Conference held in Newport, Rhode Island. 

As part of a panel discussion on minimizing risk, Scobbo concluded  that unlike medical issues, where the doctor and patient are the only people involved, legal matters  have many sides and contours.  The words used in a contract are interpreted by or relied upon by many people including counterparties, adversaries, judges, and  others. Thus, because an attorney’s words have meaning and consequences, to minimize risks, clients should contact an attorney early in the process and heed the advice. The words are not just boiler plate or legal mumbo jumbo.

Scobbo provided examples of everyday words, which may have different legal meanings when used in a contract.   He illustrated the point through an example of a client not taking the legal advice (“medicine”) he  prescribed  and the resulting cost of not following that advice. Please contact Nick Scobbo at nscobbo@ferriterscobbo.com for more information.

The NEPPA is a private, non-profit trade association founded in 1965 to represent and serve its over 80 consumer-owned utilities in New England.  NEPPA provides low-cost services and advocates public policies and federal regulation beneficial to its members’ interests.  For more  infomration on NEPPA click here.