Solar for SELCO!!!!

 Ferriter Scobbo advised and worked with its client, the Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company (“MMWEC”), and MMWEC’s member, the Shrewsbury Electric Light and Cable Operations (“SELCO”) to bring a 3.87MW solar development to SELCO. Over an approximately 2-month period, Ferriter Scobbo advised its client to craft a workable approach to bring the benefits of renewable energy to SELCO and its customers. The concept evolved to where MMWEC would execute a license to use a portion of a capped landfill in the Town of Shrewsbury on which the solar facility will be located. MMWEC would then finance, own, construct and interconnect the solar facility for SELCO to operate and use the energy generated. Ferriter Scobbo advised MMWEC on all of the interrelated agreements and required authorizations for the $7.2 million tax exempt finance lease to SELCO of the 3.87MW solar distributed generation system and associated interconnection facilities. The financing was accomplished through MMWEC’s Pooled Loan Program, a program which is available only to MMWEC’s members. Ferriter Scobbo also represented MMWEC in the negotiations and preparation of the Solar System Construction Agreement with M+W Energy, Inc. for the construction and installation of the solar facility. It is expected that the facility will be ready by June 15th.  Congratulations to MMWEC and SELCO!!