Ferriter Scobbo Attorneys Help Roxbury Latin Score a Win

Hockey rinks and New England schools go together like peanut butter and jelly. When a small group of neighbors of the Roxbury Latin School started to question whether a proposed indoor athletic facility and ice rink were truly part of an educational use under the Boston Zoning Code, Roxbury Latin asked Ferriter Scobbo to join its project team to ensure that the facility would be ready for the 2016-2017 hockey season.

Roxbury Latin’s development team was well into the permitting process at the Boston Redevelopment Authority when it began to anticipate an appeal of the project’s permits by some of the school’s neighbors. The development team reached out to Ferriter Scobbo to help shape the best possible record for an appeal and to defend the School’s permits in a cost-effective manner. The BRA recommended approval of the School’s building permit and the City of Boston issued the permit in November 2015. After substantial construction was underway, a handful of neighbors appealed the School’s building permit to the Boston Zoning Board of Appeals. The group requested, and the City temporarily issued, a stop work order. Within hours, Ferriter Scobbo attorneys Michael Vhay and Valerie Moore appealed the stop work order; within days, the City lifted the order and construction resumed. Ferriter Scobbo then represented the School at hearings before the ZBA. Ferriter Scobbo convinced the ZBA and the City’s law department that the indoor athletic facility and its ice rink comfortably fit within the Boston Zoning Code’s definition of an educational use. Ferriter Scobbo’s briefs recounted the historic role of physical education and school sports in secondary education. Ferriter Scobbo also successfully defended the School’s plans to share the new facility with other schools and community groups as consistent with the School’s educational mission and the Zoning Code. Construction of the facility is expected to be completed later this year.