Electric Vehicle Charging Program gets underway

Ferriter Scobbo & Rodophele, PC worked with its client, the Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company (“MMWEC”) in developing a unique contractual arrangement with ChargePoint, Inc., MMWEC and MMWEC’s municipal light department Members in effectuating MMWEC’s Electric Vehicle Charging Program.  ChargePoint agreed to be flexible and creative to fit MMWEC’s objectives. MMWEC purchases the chargers from ChargePoint.  The Members then give the chargers to their customers who have electric vehicles. The customers enter into an agreement with the Member allowing curtailment of the time and level of electricity used to charge the vehicle through the ChargePoint smart charger. MMWEC monitors and controls the times for and the level at which the electric vehicles may be charged. The objectives of Program include meeting Member customer needs, while simultaneously achieving the benefits of moving the electric demand associated with the charging to off peak times, thus helping the Member control its costs. Everyone benefits. For additional information, please contact Nick Scobbo at nscobbo@ferriterscobbo.com or at 617-737-1800.