dress for success is a success!

Last Tuesday marked Ferriter Scobbo’s first Dress for Success Clothing drive. On Wednesday Ferriter Scobbo dropped off our first trunk full of clothes, accessories and makeup to Dress for Success. And we’ve already determined there will be more in the future! You can find details on how this came to be, and more information about Dress for Success here.

Here are a few pictures of the event where donors could meet and mingle with each other: 


Towards the end of the summer, Valerie Moore found herself with a bag full of cast-away quality work clothes in good condition. It seemed like something more could be done with them than just putting them into a giant metal donation bin in the parking lot of an area convenience store or church.  Upon some contemplation, Valerie remembered an area charity that takes stylish, gently worn women’s professional attire and supplies it to low-income women looking to make a professional impression during job interviews- Dress for Success Boston. More often than not, women who utilize Dress for Success’ services cannot afford professional attire. This puts them at an immediate disadvantage for securing a job that will help them out of their financial situation. Dress for Success gives the clothing, and the training to help these women get on their own two feet.

It occurred to Valerie that many other colleagues, friends of hers and her co-workers may also be combing through their summer and winter work wardrobes, collecting piles of perfectly good skirts, shirts, jackets and pants and she quickly set out to organize a clothing drive for Dress for Success. We ended up combining the drive with a small celebration to thank everyone for their donations.