Ferriter Scobbo is immersed in the world of finance.  We can lay out the best possible options for acquiring the financing appropriate for your business and/or project. Financing is often complicated, but we offer counsel on the best course of action for you. Additionally, if legislation is needed for your project, we have a voice at the Statehouse.

Our solutions boardroom: 

In the Boardroom

  • Rating Agency Representation
  • Underwriting Agreements
  • Official Statements
  • Continuing Disclosure
  • Letters of Credit
  • Lines of Credit
  • Promissory notes
  • Securities Act of 1934
  • Disclosure Documents
  • Variable and Fixed Rate Bonds
  • Taxable and non-taxable Bonds
  • Project Financing
  • Asset-based Financing
Our solutions courtroom: 

 In the Courtroom

  • Securities Fraud
  • Contract Enforcement
  • Litigation of opinions
  • Declaratory Judgements
  • Injunctions enforcing terms
Our solutions statehouse: 

In the Statehouse

  • Decipher how Legislation effects your project financing
  • Monitor Legislation changes as it effects financing
  • Draft Legislation necessary for your project’s financing
Our solutions bottom (Optional text content lower): 

Representative Attorneys

Nick Scobbo

Bob Rodophele

Ann Ryan Small