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A successful enterprise depends on top-notch legal advice.  Expert advice is needed to reach your organization’s goals and manage its internal affairs.  We call that Boardroom advice.  Expert advice is needed to help your organization address and resolve disputes.  We call that Courtroom advice.  And expert advice is needed to help your organization anticipate, shape, and respond to government regulation.  We call that Statehouse advice.

An enterprise seeking expert help in the Boardroom, the Courtroom and the Statehouse advice has a range of choices.  Should your organization hire one or more small law firms, many of which can help only in the Boardroom, or only in the Courtroom, or only at the Statehouse?  Or should your organization hire a large, full-service law firm?  Such firms may have staffs capable of helping in the Boardroom, the Courtroom and the Statehouse, but many charge high rates to cover their substantial overhead.  And some firms are so big that it will be hard for your organization to get their attention, or for you to maneuver from one “department” to the next.

Ferriter Scobbo is different.  We are a law firm that offers the Boardroom, Courtroom and Statehouse services of a large firm, but with the flexibility and one-on-one attention of a small firm.  Ferriter Scobbo was founded 35 years ago on the principle that an attorney who has  knowledge and experience practicing law in clients Boardrooms, in the Courtroom and at the Statehouse is  able to provide superior legal service to clients efficiently and effectively  Each of our attorneys has that knowledge and experience. You get that benefit.  We provide that advice in an environment that is open and congenial.  We want our clients to let us see their big picture, so that together we can make their organizations a success.

Our solutions boardroom: 

In the Boardroom

We don't have the power to prevent disagreements and disputes. However, we do have the experience and knowledge to best position you and your company to prevail in the event of a dispute.

We bring our Courtroom experiences to bear when counseling you in the Boardroom. We apply lessons learned from the Courtroom to issues of corporate governance, contracts, finance, construction, employment and other issues facing enterprises today. The knowledge gained in litigating a contract in the Courtroom strengthens our drafting and negotiating of a contract in your Boardroom.

The knowledge gained in drafting or lobbying for a statute in the Statehouse has an invaluable influence on advice given in your Boardroom. Each Ferriter Scobbo attorney continually evaluates Boardroom advice in the context of our experience in the Courtroom and the Statehouse.  

Our solutions courtroom: 

In the Courtroom

Expertise and education in finance, statistics, chemical and civil engineering, as well as our experience in the Boardroom, means that our attorneys approach litigation with an advantage that most attorneys do not possess.  We walk into a Courtroom with both the previous legal and educational experience to understand the issues, your business and your industry.

Taking into account your particular business goals, we craft our litigation strategy to best position you and the future of your business. To Ferriter Scobbo attorneys, a “win” in the Courtroom means you and your business are set up for success, not just immediately, but also to maintain the longevity of that success.  This is an immeasurable asset to you and your bottom line.

We have tried a wide range of complicated civil-litigation issues. Our attorneys regularly appear before state and federal trial and appellate courts as well as state and federal administrations and regulatory agencies.

Our solutions statehouse: 

In the Statehouse

Recognizing the vital intersection between business and government, Ferriter Scobbo has established a nationally recognized lobbying presence at the Massachusetts Statehouse. Our attorneys know the people and the political process on Beacon Hill — and how to address and shepherd legislation through this complex policy environment.

Given our Boardroom and Courtroom knowledge and experience, we interpret the consequences of impending legislation and help your interests be heard during the interactive legislative process. And conversely, should you ever encounter a business matter with legislative or statutory implications; we have the expertise to counsel on your best courses of action and the implications of each.

We are also the Massachusetts member of State Law Resources. Firms are selected for their experience in government relations, administrative and regulatory law.